8 Ultimate Design Enhancements For Your Ecommerce Website

They also have testimonials on the homepage, well technically reviews but both are similar. 6. Streamline Your Checkout Create a one-page checkout system to ensure that the deal can be closed in the shortest time. If customers are required to fill long forms spanning over several pages, they might get frustrated. Also, connection issues can create trouble between navigating pages. 7. Instant Chat Include an instant chat option to your site and have a sales rep get in touch with the visitor as soon as they arrive on your site. This way, if they are looking for something specific, they can find it with your help more conveniently while you get the chance to up-sell or cross-sell. Its a simple image that is on the bottom of the site (or with the scroll) just promoting people to chat with you. Live Chat , Bold Chat , Live Person & Kayako are some of the most popular Instant Live Chat services.
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10 WordPress Ecommerce Plugins To Improve Product Pages » Practical Ecommerce

Responsive YouTube Video Tab for Jigoshop WooCommerce HTML5 Video .This video plugin for WooCommerce allows you to upload your own MP4 or Ogg videos, or embed YouTube videos. This works similar to the above Jigoshop plugin in that it adds a new video tab near your description. It does not replace the product image (although I would like to see that in future versions). This plugin is free from the WordPress plugin repository. WooCommcerce HTML5 Video WooCommerce Video Links Product Embedded Videos .This WooCommerce plugin solves the above-mentioned problem of including videos where the product image is. This plugin beautifully adds an inline video on the product page from a variety of sources including Vimeo, YouTube, Screenr, and SoundCloud. You can optionally load the videos in a lightbox with some configuration.
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Goecart: No Heartbleed Vulnerability

GeoTrust, one of GoECarts SSL certificate providers, issued a statement confirming this, indicating, To be clear, this [Heartbleed] is a vulnerability of the OpenSSL library, and not a flaw with SSL/TLS nor certificates issued by GeoTrust. At no time were GeoTrusts SSL or Code-Signing roots and intermediates at risk, nor was there ever an issue with GeoTrust certificates. Manish Chowdhary, Founder and CEO of GoECart, noted, Technically speaking, GoECart supports only Verisign and GeoTrust SSL certificates, encrypted with a 2048 key using SChannel implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. In other words, our SSL Certificates comply with best practices and are not exposed to this vulnerability. GoECart welcomes any questions or concerns regarding this, and asks that questions be directed to the comany by calling 1-877-243-3612. GoECart provides integrated, on-demand ecommerce solutions that empower retailers to sell more goods and services more efficiently. Our flagship, all-in-one ecommerce suite, GoECart 360, combines a powerful ecommerce storefront with multi-channel order and inventory management, fulfillment, CRM, and much more. GoECart 360 enables merchants to sell across all major customer touch pointsweb storefronts, brick and mortar stores, call centers, mail order catalogs, and the leading online marketplaces. We help companies grow revenues, automate business processes, lower IT costs, and achieve greater profitability. 0 Meet Techie Insider Author Techie News Release April 14th, 2014 9:00 am Techie News Release I am an all around techie who enjoys the latest gab around all things awesome. You can find me adding my own code somewhere, somehow.
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Here’s Why No Ecommerce Outfit Can Ignore Mobile…or The Desktop | Memeburn

Thing is, it turns out we still prefer buying stuff on our desktops. According to a new report by internet research house eMarketer, the desktop will most likely continue to be a key player throughout this decade. The report suggests that while the path to purchase increasingly starts on mobile, its still most likely to end on a desktop. That doesnt just have implications for the approach that needs to be taken with ecommerce but also for how anything that can be bought online is marketed. The first and most obvious step is ensuring that theres a smooth transition between how something is viewed on mobile and online. The thing is, proving that a mobile activityconducted without the tracking capability of desktop cookiescontributed to an eventual sale can be more difficult. Matching up mobile, tablet and desktop activity so that advertisers can establish best practices therefore remains a work in progress. Ultimately then, the future of the future of online buying lies in identifying purchase intent by blending signals from other platforms across the purchase process. eMarketer says that advertisers are now trying to identify intent for consumers who may have come across information in any number of waysYouTube, Twitter, mobile site, tablet, TV adand aligning such activity with a desktop search campaign.
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Top Ecommerce Seo Agencies Ratings Released By Topseos.com For April 2014 – Fox 8 Wvue New Orleans News, Weather, Sports

more>> The aunt of a 15-year old said her niece was pressured into having sex while at school. more>> Ohio judge orders man to hold ‘I AM A BULLY!’ sign An Ohio judge has ordered a man convicted of harassing a neighbor and her disabled children to stand on a street corner with a sign that says “I AM A BULLY!” more>> A judge has ordered a man convicted of harassing a neighbor and her disabled children to stand on a street corner with a sign that says he is a bully. more>> Victim in Bayou St. John-area attack says she’s leaving N.O. A woman who says she came to New Orleans to help family says she’s leaving the city after a gunman forced his way into the home where she was babysitting three children.
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Offering ‘buy Now Pay Later’ On An Ecommerce Website Just Got Easier » Yareah Magazine

That means 20% of all UK online shops can let customers spread the cost of a purchase when they checkout. V12 Finance are the UKs only retail finance specialist, with over 20 years experience providing finance and expert advice to their clients. This latest integration marks a continued growth for V12 in the online space, as retail transactions continue to shift from traditional channels like the high street and mail order to the web. Matthew Barton, National Account Manager at V12 comments: As a specialist in retail finance, it made sense to team up with ekmPowershop and offer a new dimension to the checkout process for thousands of businesses. Providing the option for consumers to pay on finance not only increases order value, it also attracts more customers in the first place. With 0% APR options available as well as a host of alternative finance facilities, offering finance on an ecommercewebsite really does add extra clout and boosts sales revenues. Were excited to bring V12s finance options to so many ecommerce businesses in collaboration with ekmPowershop. Linking to ekmPowershop opens V12 up to a large, new audience of thriving online businesses. Dean Morgan from ekmPowershop sees the addition of finance payments to their market leading ecommerce platform as a huge boost: Were all used to seeing buy now pay later options in the offline world when we purchase larger items from cars to furniture. With V12 were allowing SMEs to offer the same thing on the internet for smaller purchases.
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Best And Worst Ecommerce Customer Service Practices – Yahoo Small Business Advisor

Multiple Avenues of Contact Giving customers more than one way to get in contact with the company is key. When a customer feels compelled to make a phone call, they should be able to call. When the customer wants to send an email, they should be sending the email to a real person and not a service. The best company gives emails of real people and phone numbers that connect the customer to a live person. 2. Splitting Payments on Purchases When customers have the chance to use an e-check for part of their purchase and a credit card for the rest, they can make the financial transaction they want to make. This gives customers financial options that other companies dont offer. 3. Making Purchases as Gifts When customers get to purchase items and send them as gifts, they are given the chance to bless the people in their lives with things that they could not get any other way. Sending gifts is something that everyone wants to do, but they will go somewhere else when the company does not give the customer a way to send gifts.
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Ecommerce Firms Scramble To Assess Heartbleed Vulnerability

But now, reporters are quoting experts who say the security feature actually made the data less secure than if they hadn’t used OpenSSL, thanks to the bug. Social networking site Tumblr worded it like this in a blog post on Tuesday: “the little lock icon (HTTPS) we all trusted to keep our passwords, personal emails, and credit cards safe, was actually making all that private information accessible to anyone who knew about the exploit.” While reports indicate it’s a good idea to change your password on sites you use, it’s not clear exactly when you should do so. The bug is another example of why it’s a bad idea to use the same password on multiple websites. Yahoo was caught with its pants down, and while security experts checking PayPal, eBay and Google said they were secure this week, that doesn’t mean they were never vulnerable. Major ecommerce companies don’t appear to have communicated with customers about the vulnerability as of yet.
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Retailers: How To Start Your Holiday Strategy Now – Ecommerce – Bizreport

This data helps agents know why customers contacted them and allows them to proactively reach out when a snafu, such as delayed shipments, is caught in the system. Kristina: The 2014 holidays are months away, but should retailers begin preparing now? Why? Sam: Retailers are facing a few big issues, but with proper planning and support they can make the 2014 holiday season the best one yet. The first step is better predicting the seasonal increase of customer service requests and developing the right level of staffing and customer support systems prior to the holiday season to manage the influx. Second, retailers must ensure customer service representatives can be as efficient as possible, while still having meaningful interactions with customers. Finally, retailers need to implement more self-service resources in the places where customers need them most–information such as FAQs, community forums and product literature where customers are shopping online or seeking help. Kristina: What are your top 4 tips for retailers to create an engaging customer experience for the 2014 holidays? Sam: Learn from your mistakes – Acknowledge and analyze all feedback, both negative and positive, to give your customers a pleasant experience.
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Japan Today

Funny, reason and rational response don't seems so terribly threatening. Maybe others will learn from Japan's example, why not? -7 Apr. 05, 2014 – 10:36AM JST Once again, classy response Japan. 4 Apr. 05, 2014 – 11:13AM JST A great move to stop selling whale meat ! <br>For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit <a href='http://www.japantoday.com/category/business/view/japanese-e-commerce-giant-rakuten-halts-whale-meat-sales' >http://www.japantoday.com/category/business/view/japanese-e-commerce-giant-rakuten-halts-whale-meat-sales</a>